Tips To Remember Before Applying A Concrete Flooring Finish Bonding Agent

If you are trying to put a new layer of additional concrete or a different material or coat on top of existing concrete in your industrial space or warehouse, you need to apply a concrete flooring finish bonding agent first. Otherwise, the new layer may not stick to the bottom layer, as old concrete can have issues with adhering to updated top layers. But before you put the bonding agent down, you'll want to take a close look at the floor. Here are some important tips to remember before applying bonding agents on top of existing concrete.

Remove Any Oil or Grease Spills

If your warehouse or industrial space is prone to oil or gasoline spills or if you have grease or really any other contaminant on the ground, you need to remove these spills or blemishes from the ground. The oil, grease, or other contaminants can prevent the bonding agent from properly going into place over the concrete. As such, you will then have the same issue with the new layer of concrete or whatever other material you want to put on top.

Remove Any Dirt, Dust, or Debris

Beyond big spills, also be on the lookout for dirt, dust, or debris. Even if your warehouse is not especially dirty, older concrete can create a bit of its own debris by becoming more dusty or crumbly over time. Pick up any stray bits of concrete and ensure as even of a surface as possible before the bonding agent is put down.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

When applying concrete bonding agents, you will need the right tools for the job. It might be possible to get the job done in a small area with a basic paintbrush or a broom. However, if you have an entire warehouse to cover, you will want more industrial-grade tools such as a large paint roller. 

Consider Professional Help

If you don't want to clean up your existing concrete and deal with the back-breaking work of putting the bonding agent into place, a local supplier or contractor might offer installation assistance. They will have the tools needed to clean up the current layer of concrete and get the bonding agent into place in a timely fashion. That way, you can move on to adding your new layer or otherwise completing your finishing project.

Contact a company that provides concrete flooring finishing bonding agents for more information.