2 Advantages Of Installing Aluminum Railing For Your Deck Over Using Vinyl

If you are currently planning on having a new deck built, you may be undecided on what materials you wish to use for the railings. Since you may not want to spend an excessive amount of time maintaining railings that will rot, you may have already decided against using wood and are looking into other options, such as vinyl or aluminum.

While both vinyl and aluminum railings are viable options, aluminum pulls ahead of vinyl when it comes to its advantages. Below are a couple of the advantages of installing aluminum railings for your new deck as opposed to ones made from vinyl.

1. Aluminum Rails Are Lighter in Weight Yet More Durable than Vinyl Rail

One advantage that aluminum rails have over ones made from vinyl is that they are lighter in weight. Because the metal is lightweight, the railings do not put additional strain on the deck itself and cause cracking or splitting, which can happen with the heavier vinyl material.

Although aluminum is lighter than vinyl, the metal railings are actually more durable. Unlike vinyl, which will warp and fade after a few years from constant exposure to moisture and sunlight, aluminum stays strong and sturdy and can last much longer before it needs to be repaired or replaced.

2. Aluminum Rails Does Not Need as Much Maintenance as Ones Made from Vinyl

Another advantage of installing aluminum rails instead of their vinyl counterparts is that they do not require as much maintenance. In order to keep the rails clean and looking good, vinyl needs to be scrubbed and rinsed a few times a year to keep dirt, mildew, and mold from growing on and staining the surfaces of the railings.

However, aluminum rails are treated with a powder coating that only needs to be rinsed off once or twice a year. An added bonus of this coating is that it inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, which eliminates the need to constantly look out for and remove fungal growth.

When choosing a new railing system for your new deck, consider using one made from aluminum instead of vinyl for its lightweight, durable construction. Aluminum rails also do not need as much maintenance as their vinyl counterparts thanks to the powder coating on their surfaces. For more information about the advantages as well as available options, contact a business that offers aluminum deck railing kits to speak with someone who can help you.