Design Ideas For Creating An Enchanting Entrance To Your Garden

The entrance to your garden can make a huge difference in how well your garden design works to impress your guests. Creating an entrance that is attractive and unique is the best way to make an impression that invites your guests to enter your gardens.  Thinking outside the box can help you come up with designs that are unusual and offer a distinct and enchanting invitation into your gardens.

Antique Gates And Accessories Can Add A Nostalgic Appeal

Antique gates can add a nostalgic appeal to your garden, especially if you tie in your garden design using matching lawn furnishings. For example, if your garden gate is antique wrought iron, arranging wrought iron benches, tables and chairs in view of the gate can enhance the gate. Adding potted plants can help to tie in your design as well. Placing pots of neutral colors on each side of your gate that match the ones you have sitting on your wrought iron table increases the tie-in appearance you are trying to achieve. Keeping the flow of your garden design in mind when choosing a gate is important for creating a look you and your guests can appreciate during any season.

Inspiring Design Ideas From Various Cultures

If you are having trouble coming up with a design for your garden gate, checking out gate and garden designs from other cultures can be inspiring. For example, you might find the thick, rounded wooden doors used during medieval times attractive when painted a rich red color or stark white. Remember to use pressure-treated wood for its durability. Using wooden lawn furnishings painted the same color as your gate can add another level of the culture you are mimicking. Many cultures, like the Japanese, have beautiful garden gate designs that would help you create an enchanting look in your garden and landscape.

Using Old Garden Tools As Design Accessories

The gate you want to make on your own can be unique and one of a kind. For example, you can use old garden tools as the bars in the center of your gate by attaching them to it. Hanging an old rake, hoe and shovel on a gate made from bent pipe is a great way to add an unusual touch to your garden's entrance. You can also build a gate out of wood for hanging garden tools on it. If you need your gate to be functional for keeping out animals, adding chicken wire before hanging tools on it as a decorative touch works great.

Taking the time plan your garden's gate design is as important as the efforts you put into planning your entire garden and landscape. Bear in mind your garden's gates and the accessories you use around it help to frame your garden and act as a focal point. Contact a company like Incom Inc for more information.