3 Tips For Minimizing The Amount Of Dust In Your Factory’s Warehouse

If you have noticed that your factory's warehouse has an increasing amount of dust in the air and on the surfaces, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to keep it under control. If so, use the following tips for minimizing the amount of dust in your factory's warehouse.

Assign Regular Cleaning Task to Your Workers

One way you can keep the dust in your warehouse under control is to assign regular cleaning task to your workers. These tasks can range from daily to weekly assignments, ranging from sweeping the floors on a daily basis to wiping off the shelves once a week.

You could divide up the cleaning work in a couple of ways. You can have a list of chores that each employee must complete every day, such as sweeping their individual workstations and emptying the trash bins. Then, you can rotate the people responsible for the larger tasks on a weekly basis, such as sweeping around the storage areas and dusting the inventory.

Rotate Your Inventory on a Regular Basis

Speaking of inventory, you should also make it a point to regularly rotate the stock. When your inventory sits on the back of the shelves for months, it tends to collect a lot of dust.

Whenever your factory produces new batches of products or receives new materials, make sure your employees are pulling out the stock and placing the new inventory in the back. This makes sure that the oldest containers are used first so they do not collect dust.

Clean or Change Your Air Filtration System's Filters

Another chore you can either assign to different workers or your maintenance staff is cleaning or changing the filter for your air filtration system. If the filter becomes clogged up with dust and dirt, it will no longer be able to remove the dust from the air efficiently.

Even if you are making it a point to keep the filter clean, you may find that your current system is either clogging up quickly or not able to handle the amount of dust your factory produces. If so, you may want to think about replacing the system.

Using the above tips can help you keep the amount of dust down in your factory's warehousing sections. However, if you still seem to have too much dust floating around, you may want to speak with your industrial supplier about your options for upgrading or replacing your air filtration system with one that can handle the increasing demands of your factory's production. For more information, find out here, or on similar sites.