Why Recycle Old Transformers?

Disposing of old transformers isn't an easy job. You can't just dump these pieces of equipment. If you have a transformer that is beyond repair or refurbishment, then you can arrange for a recycling service to remove it.

Recycling is better for the environment. It also has some business benefits. What are they?

No Safety Hazards

You might need to take special safety measures to remove, dismantle, and transport some transformers. For example, PCB transformers contain chemicals that can harm people and the environment.

If you don't take appropriate care during the removal process, then your workers could get sick or have accidents. You could cause some environmental damage. In either case, your company could be held liable for any harmful incidents.

So, you will need to find ways to contain hazardous substances during the removal process. You'll need to kit your workers out in full safety gear. You might need to buy or hire special equipment to help you empty the transformer or take it down.

If you use a transformer recycling service, then they manage the process for you. You don't need to put any employees on the job.

Your contractor understands how to handle your transformer and its liquids so that they get off your site without leaving any damage behind. They can also give you certified proof of safe removal if your state requires you to show that you have disposed of your transformer responsibly.

Faster Disposal

You might have to spend some time removing and disposing of an old transformer if you do this job yourself. First, you'll have to make the transformer safe.

For example, if it contains PCB chemicals or other hazardous fluids, then you might need to drain them out before you can uninstall the transformer. You might need to find ways to clean these fluids to make them safe to add to wastewater systems. Or, you might need to store them on your site until you can find a chemical disposal company to remove them.

Even if you can take the whole transformer out, you have to work out what to do with it after you've decommissioned it. You might need to break it down into parts and components to meet disposal site requirements. You then have to get the transformer off your site to dispose of it. This process takes time.

It's a lot faster to hire a recycling company. They simply disconnect your transformer and take it away for recycling.

To learn more, contact a company that provides transformer recycling