Learning How To Fix An Air Compressor? Four Common Parts Needed For Five Common Repairs

When you are training on the job in an industrial setting, and one of the things you are training to do is to fix air compressors, you will become familiar with the most common air compressor repair services. These repair needs and services keep an industrial compressor going for a long time, which is vital to how daily operations in the plant work. Four of the most common parts and their related repairs follow. Prior to learning and training on this particular machine, it behooves you to buy one spare part from each of the following so that you have the part should you need it to make a repair.

Compressor Belt

​A compressor belt keeps the engine of the compressor running. It is akin to the timing belt in a car. Without it, or without it functioning properly, the air compressor's engine will not work properly either.

Unloader Valves

​Unloader valves help release that extra bit of air pressure that you do not need after the air compressor has compressed enough air inside the tank. The extra air is released through the unloader valve and makes that signature hisssss! at the end of a compressed air cycle. When a compressor does not make that hiss, your compressor has to work harder to make compressed air in the next round and it cannot release the extra, which causes the machine to choke up.

Air Compressor Air Filters

Yeah, it sounds funny that a machine that compresses air would need an air filter, but the air filter is actually vital to the life of the machine. Imagine all of those nearly invisible dust and dirt particles going into a compressor unfiltered. Guess what happens? The tank of the compressor fills with dust and dirt, and there is less room for compressed air. Worse still, some of that dust and dirt could end up in the line to your compressor tools, choking off the power they need to work. The filters have to be changed often.

Pressure Switch

​The pressure switch on an air compressor controls the on/off feature, as well as the amount of pressure you want the machine to create. A faulty switch will fail to turn on, fail to turn off, or fail to produce the expected amount of air pressure/pressurized air. That means that everything that relies on that particular air compressor in the plant will not be completed until the switch is replaced. 

Contact an air compressor repair service for more help.