Gifting Fabrics This Season? Secure And Protect Them With These Tips

If you plan to gift fabric to some of your loved ones this season, you may want to use the best method available to store and ship your items. Although fabric makes a great gift idea, the material can wrinkle or tear without the proper protection. Here are things you can do to secure and protect your delicate fabrics during shipping.

Roll Your Fabric

Some types of fabric are more delicate than others, including handmade, lace, and silk. Even vintage or antique linens require special consideration during shipping. If you don't place your gifts in the right packaging, they can reach their destinations damaged.

One of the packaging options you can select is a paper core. Paper cores allow you to gently wrap your fabrics around them. The material is made with thick cardboard, which can stabilize and support your fabrics once you roll them. If you plan to send thick fabrics, use thick paper cores. The thick material will keep your items from warping or bending during transport and shipping. You can cover the items with another protective material to keep them dry and free of stains, such as water-resistant plastic.

Place your paper cores in protective boxes or containers. The containers should be large enough to keep the cores from bending, as well as thick enough to support the weight of your fabrics. Some paper core companies offer shipping boxes and other items for their products, so be sure to ask about it when you contact a supplier.

After you secure your items with paper cores, monitor them during shipping.

Keep Track of Your Fabrics After Shipping

If it's affordable or possible, you may wish to use a priority shipping method to track your items. This method may provide a tracking number for each item you ship. Depending on the shipper, you may be able to track your items online.

Also, email each recipient to let them know when to expect your gifts. You want to make sure that each item arrives in time for the holidays. If possible, use a shipper who requires a signature from the recipient. It may help prevent items from being received by the person or delivered to an incorrect address.

If you have concerns about how to properly use your paper cores or would like to place an order for your cores, consult directly with a supplier or manufacturer of the products. Many of these suppliers also offer film cores if you want to send other delicate items.