What Cleaning Approach Is Best For A Wire Filter?

When wire meshes can be reused, it is more economical to clean them than it is to have them completely replaced. There are several methods that can be used to efficiently clean wire filters. 


Brushes are inexpensive to use when cleaning filters. The brush allows you to control the areas of the filter that are scrubbed However, depending on how dirty the filter is, the brush might not be effective at removing dirt. Also, this is a method that is the most likely to damage the filter, especially if you do not use a soft bristled brush. 


Detergents lift up dirt and stains, which can then allow for the filter to be more effectively rinsed. However, the cost of using detergents can add to the cost of cleaning filters and may reduce the savings that come from not replacing your filters. For some filters, it is recommended that they simply be scrubbed gently with soapy water. Another effective detergent is baking soda and boiling water. The filters are simply placed in a pot with water and baking soda and are cooked until the dirt and debris is removed. This can remove grease that is normally very difficult to remove. Just be sure to dump the foul smelling water afterward. Then, the filter can be wiped down with a sponge or rag. 

Pressure Washer

Water acts as its own solvent, making it highly effective at cleaning filters. When using a pressure washer, filters can be cleaned very efficiently. This is useful for industrial applications where a large number of filters need to be cleaned regularly. However, pressure washers can be so powerful that they can damage the filters, so they should only be used for filters that are very durable.


Ultrasonic cleaning methods use sound waves to remove dirt and debris from filters. This approach is faster and is less harsh on filters than other methods. The filters are placed inside a tank. The dimensions of the filters need to be such that the filters will fit easily into the tank to allow for ultrasonic cleaning procedures to commence. The filters need to be small enough to where they can be suspended. 

While there are many options to choose from, the best option is often the one that is recommended by a manufacturer, such as Midwestern Industries Inc. However, if you find that this method is ineffective, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with other approaches.