3 Great Reasons To Purchase A CNC Lathe Machine For Your Metal Milling Machine Shop

Having a CNC lathe machine in your machine shop can be incredibly beneficial for you. This article will discuss 3 great reasons to purchase a CNC lathe machine for your metal milling machine shop. 

It Uses Computer Software To Create The Metal Products

A CNC, or computer numerical control, lathe machine is going to be completely controlled via a computer. You are first going to create the cut of metal that you need by using the computer software. This will allow you to choose the exact dimensions that you need for your cut of metal, as well as any other specific features that it needs to have. You will be able to see a visual image of the final product on the screen, allowing you to see what your product is going to look like before it is ever created. For example, if you are making a screw, you will be able to ensure that it is the proper size, is the right shape, and has the correct grooves before it is created. You will then proceed to use the CNC lathe machine to actually make the cut of metal that you need. It will use spindles to cut and shape the metal until it is perfect.  

It Has The Ability To Automatically Change Tools

When making a metal product, several different tools are going to need to be used in order to get all of the dimensions, cuts, grooves, etc. just right. When you are making this metal piece by hand, you are going to need to change out your tools over and over again. This can be a lengthy process and can be quite tedious. However, when you use a CNC lathe machine to make your metal product, it not only has all of the tools that you need, but it also switches them out automatically via computer programming. This allows you to get the perfect metal product without having to worry about doing any type of manual labor in the process. 

You Can Create Several Metal Products At One Time

With a CNC lathe machine, you can program it to make as many or as few metal products as you need. Being able to determine right up front how many items you need to have created can save you from making too few or too many. This can save you money because you won't have extra items that you don't need, or you won't have to waste time by having to go back to create more metal products to finish a project. Also, because you can program the machine to make them all at one time, you aren't going to have to worry about going back after each piece is made and reprogramming it to make another one. This saves you a great deal of time and makes your machine shop more productive, which can potentially increase your profit. 

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