3 Tips To Prevent Accidents On Slippery Factory Stairs

Even though you might know that one of the main steps of preventing slips and falls in a factory is trying to keep the floor dry, there might be some areas of your factory where your employees work with a lot of liquids and where it's impossible to prevent floors and steps from being slippery. In these areas, you might be particularly concerned about employees being injured, but luckily, following a few steps can help prevent these accidents.

1. Require Proper Footwear

First of all, it's essential to require your employees to wear proper footwear while they are on the job. This is important anyways, but it is especially essential for employees to wear them when working in slippery areas. Tall, water-resistant shoes or boots with good tread can be a safe choice to help prevent slips and falls and can also protect employees' feet from any water or other liquids that might be on the stairs or floor.

2. Put Up Signage

It is also essential to put up proper signage to warn your employees of any slippery areas, including stairs. Plus, along with working to warn your employees so that they know to proceed with caution, proper signage can also work well for helping to reduce your liability in the event of an accident and can also help you ensure that you are fully compliant with OSHA rules and regulations. You can purchase OSHA-approved signage or can have these signs custom-made to suit your factory's needs.

3. Install Proper Stair Railings

On the stairs, you will want to install proper stair railings so that your employees have something to grab onto while they are climbing up and down the stairs when the floor is wet. One good option is to use stainless steel industrial stair railings, which are designed for heavy-duty use and can provide your employees with stability when they're using the stairs. Luckily, stainless steel stair railings are often coated with a protective coating that helps protect them from water damage, such as by preventing rust. This is important if you want your stair railings to last in the long-term in a wet industrial environment.

Helping to protect your employees from slipping and falling while they are walking up and down slippery factory stairs is important for a few reasons; it's essential for keeping employees safe, it helps with liability and it helps ensure that your factory is fully compliant with safety regulations.